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      1. CM Continuous Mixer

        Cm-series continuous mixer can achieve feeding and discharging simultaneously. It is normally matched in the large scale production line, on the basis of mixing material evenly, it can ensure the consistency and stability of all the product.
        Technical parameter:
        Total volume: 0.3-30cbm
        Capacity per hour: 5-200cbm
        Motor power: 3kw-200kw
        Material: 316L, 304, mild steel

        The CMS (Continuous single shaft plough mixer), focus on mixing, it can also be used as conveyor. With the special inner structure, it can adapt to a certain range of the feeding speed to achieve relevant productivity. With the uniform speed feeding equipment, it can mix material in a wide range, and make sure the consistency and stability of all the product.


        CMD ( continuous double shaft paddle mixer) is characterized by maximizing the productivity. Materials are scattered during the vigorous mixing process, diffused and nobbed between the meshing space of the twin shafts. It can be applied to mix fiber and granules.



        Notice for continuous mixer:
        1. Make sure the stable and continuous feeding.
        2. Make correct feeding speed ratio in accordance to the material formula.
        3. Equipment under the discharging should handle the material in time and make sure no blockage of the material when discharging.
        4. Small additives less than 5%, should be premixed before loading to continuous mixer.
        5. Mixer productivity is determined by the speed of feeding system. Mixer model and size are determined by productivity, homogeneity and material property.


        Performace option

        Power combination

        Equipment material

        (Without the optional)
        (Without the optional)
        (Need to fill)

        Main configuration

        Function option

        Complete sets option


        (powder mesh, granule size, bulk density)
        (granule's max size, block materials's size)
        (The Angle of the accumulation of natural material forming)
        (fluidity,viscosity,strong acid, strong alkali, abrasion,easy fragile, moisture absorption,agglomeration,melt,low flash point, pilling, fiber,etc)
        (type of materials, minimum additive proportion, heating/cooling, chemical reaction,add liquid, batch mixing, dynamic bin)
        (fast mixing. Food grade,resistance acid and alkali and corrosion, heating/cooling, easy clean, wear-resisting,crush,large capacity mixing etc)
        (the output per batch calculated by volume)
        (304、316L、321, carbon steel etc/ surface treatment requirement)
        (3 phase:380V 50HZ)

        Basic information

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